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METLIFE invited to participate in the VIP exhibition of "Moving  Lives Creating Art", with the support of MUMEDI, (Mexican Museum of Design) and EXIM Representaciones México S.A. de C.V., (representative in Mexico of Peanuts Worldwide) summoning recognized and outstanding designers of any specialty area, plastic artists, urban artists, illustrators, creatives and architects, all outstanding and recognized creatives residing in Mexico. In order to participate in the development and intervention of fiberglass pieces of the image of the character of Snoopy.

I was invited due to the success of my art toys brand Bugs and Plush.  I decided to design Snoopy as if he was a Crash Dummy in order to represent the issue of car safety and to promote the Insurance policies by Met Life. At first glance you can tell that Snoopy is a crash dummy, but looking a little bit closer we camouflaged vector designs of all our Art Toys so it was easier to identify who did the design.


In this edition I was asked to be a Judge and present a piece with the theme on being environmentally conscious.  With this Snoopy what I did was make a tree trunk out of wood veneer and simulate as if though it was being chopped down by an axe. Snoopy represented the tree that was to be cut down, as he was covered in leaves. Each leaf was glued on separately so it would give the illusion of having leaves. Woodstock was modeled and 3D printed, and he sat at the top with a wounded wing and a bag with all his belongings. This piece represented deforestation and the effects it has on all the animals living in their natural habitats.

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