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I was brought into this project to work with two engineers to develop a hand held gaming device with a specific brief in mind. We had to keep it under a certain production price and overall size.


Infinite Block is the new and improved version of the magic eight ball. It has more than 100 answers and it includes 5 predetermined games. (Spin the bottle / drink decider / truth or dare / sexy dice / charades). It also includes a dice function and when it is not in use it works as a clock. It is fully customizable through an open source program where you can modify the answers, create new games, personalize the outcome, etc. The infinite block is a great party game with endless possibilities.

Process: > Research > Sketches > 3D Modeling > Prototype > Testing > Migrate to Manufacture


During the span of this project I was directly involved with the creation of the concept, sketches, 3D modeling , UI / UX design, logo design, packaging, prototyping, assembly of working prototypes, web design and the graphics of the crowdfunding campaign.

Infinite Block  was modeled in Rhino


Blue prints and explosive views where develpoed inorder to produce the first prototype.


The first prototype was built the following way: 3d printed the structure, machined the internal support structures in a CNC machine for all the electrical components, the program was developed in visual basic, the outer walls where 2mm acrylic, we connected a 3.1 inch LCD screen under a 1 way mirror to give an endless display effect. All of these elements where joined and produced inhouse.   




The Infinte Block has a gyroscope and accelerometer inside, which detects the movements for selecting the option you want by shaking the device. In order to program your Infinte Block you have to connect it to a computer.

gif juegos.gif
gif waht ever you want.gif

Whats inside the box?


The packaging was designed around doodles that represented the different games you can play with the Infinite Block. All the doodles were drawn by me and also the package assembly.


*Initial render of box proposal

Product Shots

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