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This Illustration I was a finalist in the international contest “To death with a Smile”. I wanted to represent the day of the dead culture using various elements such as the face painting, the alters that are set up and the bright orange flowers which decorate the streets.  In this illustration I used illustrator and photoshop.


The British Council in Mexico decided to celebrate its 70th Anniversary in Mexico, with the support of MUMEDI, the Mexican Museum of Design, convened designers, students, teachers, professionals and interested in the subject, to participate in the Poster or poster contest "MY FAVORITE WORD IN ENGLISH 2013" to encourage the exercise of good design. I decided to use the word IMAGINATION and design a poster composed of doodles that emerged from her mind and in the middle of the doodles you can find the word Imagination. In this contest I was also a finalist.


Poster of video game Tomb Raider Reborn with an Art Deco twist.

frida warhol.jpg

Poster of Frida Kahlo done with an Andy Warhol theme.

Lucha Libre.jpg

Finalist in Deviant Art Scribble contest. They gave everyone the same scribble and from there you had to create an illustration. I decided to design a “Lucha Libre” poster. (Mexican Wrestling)

los 4 textiles.jpg

Series of traditional Mexican patterns used in limited editions in textile design such as jackets, leggings, and sportswear. Mariposa Monarca design used in aprons for boutique restaurant.

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