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In corporate image I was usually tasked with redesigning or creating a logo based on their mission, vision, business plan, company values, etc.  Once the logo was authorized, I then moved over to the brand Identity manual where I would design all the parameters of how the logo should be used. Once the brand Identity manual was cleared, I moved on to letterheads, email signatures, business cards, folders, presentation templates, html templates. Etc.


MAX SPEED tasked me with their brand identity. After several meetings and dialogs it was decided that they wanted their brand to feel industrial but at the same time like a hip garage shop. They wanted to keep the rock-a-billy vibe in their car shop while maintaining a professional look.  Not only did I help with the brand identity but also with the interior design.

mock up_1.jpg

Nearshore Delivery Solutions tasked me with their logo and brand identity. They wanted something very colorful that was appealing for Mexicans and Indians. Since their core business is to subcontract engineers in both countries.  My design consisted of many bright colors and geometric shapes overlapping each other signifying the union between these to countries.


Giro Learn and Play is a company that teaches after school activities through LEGO Education. I was tasked with creating a colorful and playful brand Identity that was in line with the specifications given by LEGO Education.

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