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   Winner of Victorinox Classic limited edition 2017  



A space walk is when an astronaut puts on his suit and goes into space, so I asked myself how one would walk their dog in space? This was my design inspiration.  I added a bright red colored leash that circles around the knife in order to join my two principal elements.

Winner of Victorinox Classic limited edition 2015

star light star bright

In this design I depicted several of the most popular constellations as well as two that I made up forming the Victorinox logo and their iconic swiss army knife.

Victorinox mexico
Victorinox mexico

Victorinox, creator of the world famous iconic Swiss Army Knife, challenges you to design the pocketknife for the Classic Limited Edition.



The Classic Limited Edition has a broad, multicultural and global fanbase: Men and women, mostly between the age of 20 and 50, love this this unique product that is sold worldwide.

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